passionate about creating a home

that allows for more

The Neat Home Company was created because we believe whether your home is big or small, a neat home will be enjoyed the most. Organization is not about having a perfect house. Each one of us have clutter and mess, which comes in all shapes and sizes. Our hope is to inspire others to create a home they want. When you create order in your home, you can experience the peace that comes along with it. We aren’t striving to have a home simply filled with less things, but we desire a home that allows for more things.

More time, more energy, more freedom, more gratitude, more confidence.

Thank you for welcoming us into your home. It’s our joy to come alongside you as you begin to love your home even more.


ASHLEY REYNOLDS, Owner & Lead Organizer

I love the home. Whether it be organization, styling or design, it excites me to be able to share that with you. I’ve had a passion for home organization for as long as I can remember, but even more so as I began to have my own family. Over the years, I’ve become the friend you call when you need a reset or feel overwhelmed getting your house in order.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma and majored in Organizational Leadership at Southern Nazarene University. Being able to work in Human Resources management over the past 8 years, has driven my passion for detail, organization and administration. Creating and simplifying processes that create more margin, or allow you to better reach your goal, just makes me happy.

Jameson and I have been married for 11 years and have three blonde-headed, blue-eyed girls. One of my favorite things about him is he can hide any cord imaginable or roll it up like it’s brand new. It’s a gift. It’s a dream to launch a business that feels so natural to who we are. Whether in our home or just the everyday mundane tasks, it feels good to operate in a space that doesn’t add more stress to our lives.

We are honored that you would welcome us into your home. We can’t wait to become friends.


It doesn’t take people very long to learn that I’m passionate about having a sense of order in my life. Some might refer to that as being OCD, I just call that being awesome. Growing up with a single mom forced me to understand the concept that you really don’t need everything to be happy. But the things I did have, I wanted to take care of and have them neatly displayed in my room. Surely I’m not alone in this.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma and majored in Interpersonal Communication at the University of Central Oklahoma. I love serving in the local church and have been in full-time ministry for the past 15 years as a Worship Pastor. I am passionate about leading, growing and developing other leaders.

We are excited to launch this company not only because we believe in it, but we have experienced firsthand what comes from it. One of my favorite things about Ashley is her discipline to keep things in order. It’s not always easy, and life is messy, but it’s a choice every single day. I’ll leave the organizing for Ashley, but you’ll see me around Social Media sharing our tips and Neat Home transformations.